Empire Deluxe Enahanced Edition

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Empire Deluxe Enahanced Edition

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Hello (can't speak German but I can read most of it so I'll post in English if that is ok),

I am the webmaster of http://www.salientgames.com, a website about mostly Empire deluxe games (but I also try to support The Perfect General). Before you wonder I'm a big fan of Empire Deluxe and I'm not trying to sell anything.

I see that you have found EDIE and EDEE, good for you. I've recently been talking to mok and another member of my site about multi lingual versions of EDEE. Before mok is going to put more work into this, he would like to know if there is a need for this.

1) Would you want to play this game if there was a german version available (if there is enough demand, the owner www.killerbeesoftware) might be tempted to make the game multi lingual

2) Would anybody here wan't to translate a bunch of text from English into German?

Besides these questions, I would also like to ask some questions on my own site:

1) I'm currently running an open beta on a ladder system for Empire Deluxe and other variants on my website. You are all welcome to help test the ladder system.

2) Would the owner of this site mind if I put up a link on my website to here?

3) Do any of you here create maps/scenarios for ED, EDIE or EDEE? And if so would you like to donate them to the SalientGames website for others to play?

Thanks for you're awnsers,